Welcome to a New Day, America

Written by Brian Revel on November 4th, 2008

It’s 9:25pm Vancouver-time, Tuesday November 4th, 2008. Barack Obama has been declared the winner of the 2008 Presidential election. John McCain has conceded to him. President Bush has called to congratulate him.

The people of the United States have finally allowed themselves to be what they really are: an incredibly proud and diverse population with a long and difficult history. And tonight, they have broken through a barrier as a nation, and done themselves proud.

While Obama may be African-American, of the two leading candidates in this election, he is definitely the best man for the job.

So while race is a big deal for the annals of history, the man who was elected President tonight is like all those who preceed him in this office. He still puts his pants on the same way and faces the same steep learning curve as all the presidents who precede him. And above all, like all the presidents before him, he did not win the election because of the colour of his skin.

Among his impressive speeches of the past, Obama’s acceptance speech was nothing short of spectacular. Reaching out to both Democrats and Republicans, Obama set the standard for his upcoming four years. There will be mistakes and false starts. But he vowed to be everybody’s president.

And so tonight after his victory speech, as the President elect stepped off the stage in Chicago’s Grant Park with his running-mate Joe Biden and their families, we can for the first time in many weeks, go to sleep and sleep soundly knowing that this planet is much safer in his hands than it has been in the past eight years.

Thank you, America, for electing Barack Obama. It was absolutely the right choice. It’s been a long eight years. Welcome back. You have been missed.


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