Hedy’s at it… again

Written by Brian Revel on December 1st, 2009

Hedy4OntarioIt’s been a long time since I’ve posted anything. Today’s going to be different because something caught my eye on my way past the mail box I thought I’d share with you.

Hedy Fry, our Dragon-slayer MP here in Vancouver-Centre (BC), has just mailed out her semi-annual horn-tooting blurb. No surprise there, all MPs can and do. It’s just that hers is, well, unique. Individual. (Read….”Unaligned”).

This newsletter from our Paul Martin lovin’, Liberal-flag wavin’, Queen of Denman Street MP, is completely devoid of anything “Liberal”. Clearly, she must see the party itself as a liability (as would I) given the machinations that are going on right now at Stornaway.

And then, while visiting her website for more ‘updates’, I came across this little gem: a little YouTube video, that was produced on Parliament Hill showing the Honourable member to be from… Ontario! The team support is apalling. Who produced this joke?

It’s 30 seconds long and with all the media brain-power at their disposal on Parliament Hill how could they possibly screw up like this?! Couldn’t someone have said, “Wait, Hedy, you need to do this again…. you blew the opening!”

Every Hour on the Eleventh Hour of the Eleventh… Day of the Eleventh Month….

Every Hour on the Eleventh Hour….. Oops… Take Two! What happened to the days when she had a proud British Columbian Liberal-Flag wavin’ machine? Or is there something about the competence of the Liberals to effect real opposition? Where is the depth of the party to ensure it can sell lemonade on election day never mind a government? Is this one time we should follow Hedy and step back from the edge of a very deep, collapsing Liberal hole?



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