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Recall, Here we Come!!!

Tuesday, September 14th, 2010

The gloves are off. The Government of British Columbia has become the enemy of the People.

Gordon Campbell is both a wily politician and a bold faced liar. It is time we ended our misery under such corruption!

It is time we took back this province.

I am urging all my readers (yes, BOTH of you!) to get involved in the recall campaigns that are about to start. Let’s tear this government down one MLA at a time until a referendum is unnecessary.

I am no fan of Vander Zalm but it’s time we took advantage of the political jalopy he and Bill Tieleman have cobbled together and turn it into a full-power marauding political assault machine.

This is a short blog entry- short and to the point. For once.

I’ll be getting a twitter account and looking for like-minded people to tackle these political foes. Their lying days are over.

The Americans had a Revolution for less.

And as the French National Anthem says,

Aux armes citoyens! Formez bataillons! Marchons! Marchons! Qu’un sang impure, abbreuve nos sillions!

To arms citizens! Form battalions! March! March! Only impure blood usurps our furrows!

Ok, the last line is lost in translation but you get the gist- Only contaminated blood destroys what is valuable to us!

Mr Campbell, your political destiny is upon you!